Ethan and Autumn’s Top Five Favorite Children’s Songs

Music. We love it. A lot! Our radio constantly pours music throughout every corner of our house. As a result we have two children who truly love to listen, watch, and dance to music. Whereas Autumn is just learning how to interact with it, Ethan loves to listen and dance around the house to his favorite songs. We thought we’d share a list of those songs that get their toes tappin’, feet stompin’, hands clappin’, and butt shakin’.

Note: I’ve come to notice that videos for children’s songs are just plain silly as you’ll see below. The songs seem to take on a whole new meaning when they are added to video. I hadn’t seen any of these videos prior to researching for this post. Though they are fun to watch, I think I’ll stick to the radio or iTunes and a little imagination from Ethan and Autumn.

Song: Monkey Business
Album: Mister Whiskers: Monkey Business
Artist: Franciscus Henri
Why? Ethan loves to gather up the family and parade around the house. If you drop by unexpectedly one evening, don’t be surprised if Ethan hands you a noise maker and asks for you to join the parade.


Song: Fibber Island
Album: No!
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Why? Come on now. It’s TMBG and the lyrics are wacky. I have to admit that I fell in love with this little ditty before Ethan. He’s grown to enjoy it and loves to belt out the silly lyrics.


Song: Jump Up
Album: Family Dance
Artist: Dan Zanes
Why? What a perfect song to encourage dancing, plus it has a sweet message to go along. While driving we always get a kick out of Ethan when the song says “Jump Up” and Ethan, who is strapped in his car seat replies “I can’t”.


Song: Baby Beluga
Album: Baby Beluga
Artist: Raffi
Why? All Raffi music is timeless and enjoyable. This is just one of many.


Song: Upside Down
Album: Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George
Artist: Jack Johnson
Why? The rhythm in this tune is catchy and easy to follow. Ethan loves all the songs on this album.

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