Robe Canyon Hike (Mountain Loop Highway)

Robe Canyon in fall
Robe Canyon Hike
Robe Canyon Hike

A break in the weather last weekend allowed us to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. We spent the most of three days cooped up as the rain came down and down and down. On the final day of our four day weekend the sun popped out, we packed up the kids, and headed northeast to Mountain Loop Highway in the Snoqualmie-Mt. Baker National Forest. This was our first visit to the area and it proved to be wonderful.

We intended to hike the Big Four Ice Caves but when we arrived the trail was closed due to construction. We regrouped and headed for our second choice of the Robe Canyon Historic Trail. The hike itself was fairly easy because we only went a little over a mile. It was at this point that the trail is damaged and not in the best shape for a three year old. We stopped along the river and enjoyed lunch before heading back. Autumn loved taking in all the sound and sights, and Ethan did an amazing job of hiking all 2+ miles, including a good 1/4 mile uphill.

We’re heading back this weekend to try the Big Four Ice Caves. See ya on the trails!