September in Review

September 2010 has come and gone. Up here in Seattle it was a beautiful month to be outdoors and enjoying the natural resources that this area has to offer. Its’ claimed this was the coolest September on record since Eisenhower was in office (or something like that), but we wouldn’t know since we’ve been here only a year. We took advantage of the weather and did a few hikes in the area

Our big event for September was getting out of Seattle and over to Chicago. Though I was on business, it was nice for Laura and Autumn to join me while my mom took care of Ethan. Autumn experienced her first plane ride and did very well. Laura enjoyed the big city and all it had to offer.

20100926_0391Autumn is six months old and continues to develop wonderfully. We’ve introduced solids, which she isn’t keen on, and she is sitting up nice and tall. She is continually amazed by her brother Ethan and dog Skylee. The two combined can always bring a smile to her face.


Ethan officially started preschool this month. He’s going two days a week for a half day and enjoys it. Honestly, he’s a little sad when he’s dropped off, but he always has a great day and stories to share with us. He has already learned the letters A and B. Each week they bring an item that starts with the letter for the week. He really wanted to bring in the flower Autumn Joy because of his sister and he chose a boat from his toy collection. He is learning to write his name. Last weekend, Ethan enjoyed a wonderful night of camping in the backyard with me. It rained on us most of the night and he, like a true outdoorsman, slept through it all. He woke up in the morning ready to read books while the rain pounded the tent.

Here’s to a wonderful October 2010.

3 thoughts on “September in Review”

  1. We’re always glad we could bring a smile to your face Pete! The kids are doing very well.

    Thanks for reading Mom. We’re always appreciative of our number one fan’s comments. Love ya.

  2. After reading the Sunday Register Guard and the online edition of the New York Times, I was feeling terribly depressed. Fortunately, I decided to check out the latest Facebook postings and got the link to your September newsletter and pictures. Thank you for sharing your life and the pictures of your wonderful family. I can now get to work with a smile on my face!
    Cheers! Pete

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