Five of the Week

I’m an avid Google Search, RSS Feed, Wikipedia, web surfer kind of person. I enjoy finding useful tips, as well as continually visiting the same ‘ol ones that contribute to my knowledge base or just plain entertain me. I thought I’d share five of my favorite websites that I subscribe to in Google Reader. These are ones that I read an article or two each day of the week and smile when I’m done.

makeuseofMake Use Of ~

It’s a mix of websites, programs, music, free guides, how-to tips, and more. They go all over the place while providing insightful tips and resources to increase your productivity at home, work, and throughout life. When you visit, focus in on the MakeUseOf Guides. They are very useful.


lifehacker Life Hacker ~

This website isn’t about hacking, it’s really about giving you the tools to do it yourself. I’ve always been impressed with tips on downloads, DIY projects, and office setups. Office setups? Yep. Some people out there have some great set ups and they share them in the gallery. Anyways, I think the comments are sometimes the most useful portion of this website. The readers are very informed and not your average computer geeks.


The Art of Non-Conformity ~

It’s more than a self-help website, it’s an inspiring story with a kick of motivation. I’m not looking to change my life, but the tips and advice provided, as well as Chris’ personal journey to visit every country in the world in the next three years (he’s well on his way) makes an attractive website. This is also one of the more visually appealing websites that I visit. It’s refreshing and well organized. Oh, and he’s from Portland, Oregon.


lizzygoesdutchLizzie Goes Dutch ~

It’s all about the food baby! This woman sure knows to suggest some mean vegetarian recipes. They look sensational! I have to admit though, I’ve never tried one…yet. I just love the selection and photographs of the food. I recommend viewing July 9th’s post titled “Caramelized Banana and Nutella Toast“.


treehugger Tree Hugger ~

This site offers an array of articles that have to do with….you guessed it…the environment. The articles range from animals to planning to energy to just about anything. They post a lot of articles each day so there should be something for everyone. Generally I find the comments a waste of time to read at Tree Hugger.


If you aren’t sure what Google Reader is or how to use it, then read this article to learn more.

Do you have any websites that you subscribe to via an RSS Feed? Do you have any useful websites that you enjoy visiting time and time again? Share them in the comments.

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