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Over the past couple months, we’ve found joy in the iTunes radio feature. This is a feature that has been on iTunes since, I think, the first version of iTunes. We don’t know of anyone else who uses this feature, but it’s definitely an underrated feature that should at least be explored.

First, the best way to use this feature is in conjunction with your home stereo system or a good set of computer speakers. What’s point of using it if the sounds is terrible.

So where is this feature on iTunes?

itunes_radioOpen iTunes and look in the left sidebar. There should be a radio tower icon with the text “Radio” available under the Library heading. If it’s not there, open up your preferences and select it as a feature to see.

Now click on the icon and you’ll see 25 listings of genres you could stream. When you click on each genre, it opens a large listings of possible radio stations to stream. Some of these radio stations are the same ones you’ll hear while driving to work, while some are internet only. Many have no commercials or very few commercials to pay for their streaming. This is the best part for us because we don’t want uninterrupted music, and we don’t need our kids hearing the commercials when it’s all about the music.

We have list of stations from a variety of genres that we listen to frequently. Feel free to use this list as a starting point and build upon it.

iTunes Radio Stations

  • offers a number of radio stations in different genres. We enjoy many of them. Here are some of our favorites:
    • Americana
    • Christmas Celebration
    • 90’s Alternative
    • Bluegrass
    • Celtic
    • Guitar Genius
    • Indie Underground
    • Jazz
    • Native American
    • World
  • offers a few we enjoy:
    • Bossa Nova
    • Guitar Jazz
    • Piano Jazz
  • About80’ Radio
  • All Irish Radio
  • All Jazz Radio
  • Ambiance Reggae
  • The Cove
  • Grassy Hill Radio
  • Hawaiian 105

As you can tell, many are world or jazz radio stations that we enjoy. We know there are many more great radio stations to stream, but we haven’t tried all of them.

If you use iTunes Radio, what are some of your favorite radio stations?

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  1. Hey Brett, Laura and Fam, how are you? I have been using itunes radio since I got the airport device. My current favorite is Gotradio Americana, found under the country genre. Of course, we are also fortunate to have some good public radio stations here in Eugene! Pete

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