We’re heading north!

Two years and a couple weeks, I wrote a post with this exact title. We were moving north from San Jose, California to Eugene, Oregon. At the time we were living with my mom after having finished Peace Corps service. Laura was working for Franklin-McKinley School District as a 2nd grade teacher and I did work for SUN Microsystems. We were coming to Eugene so I could begin graduate school at the University of Oregon and Laura could work for the local school districts.

Now we are continuing our journey two hours north to the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon. After submitting a plethora of employment resumes/cover letters/applications, I accepted a job about a week ago with a planning firm in downtown Portland. We drove up to Portland a few days later to view homes for rent, found one and will move in tomorrow. The best part about our home is that it has two baths. OH yeah! Our first home with two baths. This is a sign that we are moving up in the world folks.

Tonight is our last night in this great house on this street with wonderful neighbors. It has been a great two years in Eugene, Oregon. We would stay here if we could, but we have to go where the jobs are at or until we can start our own business and have more say about where we live. We are excited and apprehensive about this next step. But, as with all of our adventures, we always meet terrific people from the places with live and travel. We also have many friends and family in the Portland area and look forward to reconnecting with them.

We’re off to bed so our “Ethan Alarm Clock” can get us up at the crack of dawn for another day of loading boxes.

Farewell Eugene!