Energy independence must start at the local level

In today’s Register-Guard Newspaper, a member of the Willamette Valley Biomass Study Group wrote an op-ed piece about the need to research renewable energy at the local level. This group has three studies on renewable energy potential in the Southern Willamette Valley. If you read the article, I am part of the study, awarded by the U.S. Forest Service, examining the potential of building a cellulosic ethanol facility utilizing woody biomass.

As I am writing this post, I am in the middle of writing my findings from my the interview process. I talked with 17 timber firms about the challenges and opportunities to developing the woody biomass industry. In conjunction with this study, I am using the data to contribute to my exit project for graduate school. I also submitted an abstract for this study to the Annual 14th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management. My abstract was accepted a month ago and I will have an opportunity to sit on a panel with three other professionals conducting research on the utilization of woody biomass. I applied for and received a student scholarship from the conference committee so that I don’t have to pay conference fees, but I am still waiting to secure travel funds. The event is June 10-14 in Burlington, Vermont.

pelletFor more information about what woody biomass is and how it is used for renewable energy, visit these links:

You may also contact me to learn more about woody biomass.