Brett makes the newspaper! (college newspaper that is)

The University of Oregon Daily Emerald just published this article on the Peace Corps. It is a descent article on activities at the University of Oregon and what makes the U of O a top producing university of Peace Corps volunteers.

University of Oregon Highly Ranked On Peace Corps 2008 Volunteer List

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  1. Yes that is a typo Jason. I would have no idea how to show a different side of the Armenians since I knew little about them. But…it could have been quite interesting if I tried. 😉

    No doubt PC has its drawbacks, but I believe that PC is only as good as its volunteers and we (includes you and Terra) were some of the good ones.

  2. Good Article! Is the paragraph:

    “Holt is a returned volunteer who arrived back in the States in 2005 – about nine months early – when he experienced a nerve-damage injury in his shoulders that puzzled the doctors. Holt and his wife volunteered together with an ultimate goal ‘to show a different side of who Armenians are, rather than the one that was being portrayed through images of war.'”

    a typo? They use “Armenians” but shouldn’t it be “Americans”?

    Sounds like you are doing a good job Brett getting work out about PC. Although the organisation has its drawbacks, overall, there is not another better volunteer organisation in the world with as much freedom.

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