Less than a month to go

We have just a little less than a month to go until our child arrives into this world! We have one week left with our birthing class, did a hospital tour, have names picked out, and purchased all major baby equipment. We take a refresher CPR class next week. We are 98% finished with the baby’s room and are basically in a holding pattern until he/she arrives.

Here are some photos of the baby’s room. We painted the walls, refurnished and painted the dresser, mirror, and nightstand, and a bunch more stuff. We just need to finish the curtains. This stuff can sure take a while.

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  1. The baby’s room is beautiful! The purple is probably my favorite part. J/K 🙂 But it does look nice. Boy or girl, it will be perfect.

  2. Tera and I think this is an awesome room! Laura is a gorgeous pregnant woman (as if she was not gorgeous before) and Brett, looking good my man!!

    We are waiting anxiously for news and wish you both a simple delivery.

    Good luck guys!

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