We have been busy, busy, busy in Eugene. Since our last post we have been Hawaii and moved to another state. Let’s do a little recap.

We went to Hawaii in mid-June with one of Laura’s sister and her husband. We were in Maui where the weather was perfect and food ok. It took us a while to find the great restaurants. I don’t think you go to Hawaii for the food. It’s the weather and wonderful beaches. We stayed busy snorkeling, seeing the island, lying on the beach, playing shuffle board, scuba diving, para-sailing, visiting the national park, boating, and just hanging out. The downside to Maui is that everyone knows about Maui. Tons of tourist. While it was a great experience, but we most likely won’t go back.

We returned for four days, packed our belongings, rented the U haul (which was a pain in the butt on 4th of July weekend) and headed north. My mom and brother Mark drove up with us and helped us move in to our new home. The help was needed.

Since we have arrived here on July 1, we have slowly unpacking the last boxed, shopping for household items, bike riding (Eugene has great bike trails in the city), visiting our neighbors, seeing movies, preparing for school, organizing our belongings after being packed in boxes for 2 years, selling stuff on CraigsList, running, and taking our dogs to the nearby dog parks. We attended a local returned peace corps volunteer function. That was nice to meet other volunteers in the area. The weather has been great, though it was in the 100’s a couple weekends ago. That was horrible. After 3 weeks we got our internet service and I have spent lots of time returning emails, though I still have a lot to go. Sorry if I haven’t responded.

That’s our life in a nut shell. We have done so much more but I’m not going to bore you with the details. We’ll have Hawaii pics up soon. Thanks for reading!!!!