Death Valley National Park Trip [Graphic Photos]

Last week, a few friends and I went camping in Death Valley. For those who have not been there, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. This time of year offers the perfect climate, wildflowers, and scenary. We camped in Saline Valley near some hot springs. Our first day was spent in the hot springs and hiking around. It’s a gorgeous area that offers a variety of hiking on and off trail options. The second day was spent at the hospital and then driving home.

As you can see in the pictures below I ran into some trouble while removing the pit from an avocado. The knife slipped and caused a little laceration on my right pinkie finger. It didn’t hurt at first, but the pain settled in within an hour. Thank goodness the hospital was only three hours away and not four. I will have surgery on Monday to repair the nerve I cut. Good times, good times.

Just arriving, taking a pee break.

Pee break
Pee Break at Death Valley.

Saline Valley

Saline Valley at Death Valley National Park
Saline Valley at Death Valley National Park

Ooops! It’s just a flesh wound.

Sliced finger
Sliced finger. Ouch!

Cleaned up.

Looking better
Stitched up!

All better, well kind of.

Hand bandaged up
Hanging out at Mono Lake

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2 thoughts on “Death Valley National Park Trip [Graphic Photos]”

  1. Brett, you crazy guy!!! Hope the nerve surgery was successful. Must have been a super sharp knife!

    Let us know the outcome of things.

    1. The outcome is good. My finger does work, but it has a slight numbing sensation. I’ll just have to live with it. I guess the important lesson to remember here is not to remove avocado pits with huge kitchen knives. Stick with a spoon and scoop it out.

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