Social Change Photography

It’s wonderful to find media outlets that encourage us to think, discuss, and encourage change in society. I recently stumbled across a website that motivates us to do this. It is called FiftyCrows – Social Change Photography. Through the use of photos essays and short films, the photographers look to educate people about the hardships and realities of life that we tend to forget and to take action to protect our fellow human beings from further harm.

I encouarge you to check out the short films title “The Chernobyl Accident” and Iraq: A Depleted Generation”. The photo essay titled Ushguli: A Village at a Crossroad ” by Gia Chkhatarashvili reflects on a remote village in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, north of Armenia. Another photo essay titled “Self-Immolation: Afghan Women Cry Out for Help” takes a look at the slow progress in social change for women in Afghanistan. The photos can be a bit graphic. These movies do not have your typical movie stars to adore, instead they have real people suffering as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Get off your butt and do something.