War News Radio

We enjoy listening to Podcasts. If you aren’t familiar with Podcasts then click here to read about them. If you have iTunes, though you don’t need to have iTunes to listen to them, you can easily download Podcasts to listen to them. While working, I usually end up listening to podcasts from NPR, No Ones Listening, Weekly Presidential Address to the Nation, Ring of Fire and many others. There are thousands to choose from. Some are amateur and others are professional and include all topics.

Recently I have been enjoying listening to War News Radio. It is “a weekly half-hour program focused on the situation in Iraq. We feature the stories of ordinary Iraqi civilians, American service people, and others who have been affected by the war. The show is produced from the campus of Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, PA.”

If you know of some good podcasts out there, then please email them to me.

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