Banff Film Festival

If you haven’t had the chance to attend the Banff Film Festival, you are missing out. We went to a showing last night in Sunnyvale and saw some great films. The films focus on environmental issues, outdoor/mountain sports, and culture awareness. We have had the opportunity to attend the festival a number of times over the years and each time has been wonderful. The original festival is held in Banff, Canada in November and then the films go on tour. You can visit the website for the festival to see when it will come to your town.

We saw 8 films over 3 hours last night. The topics were about paragliding over the Grand Canyon, Fishing and protecting the Black Canyon in Colorado, crack climbing in Utah (great film), children skiing in Nepal, kayaking in Sequoia National Park, insane mountian biking, ice climbing in Canada, and wonderful visual display of balancing (great camer and editing work).

Each stop offers different films, so if you have the time then check it out.