February 16, 2006

Work, work work…lots of work on the website. I have added many new pictures throughout the pages. You’ll notice the new graphic for the main navigation links is looking sharp. Ouch! Many big thanks to Jason Sprague for helping me with CSS and the php email form we now have in our contact section. Take a look and send us a message. Jason may be in Armenia but he is only an IM away. Keep an eye out for the News section to turn into a blog area where your feedback will be welcomed.

If you truly want to have the full experience of this website, you should download the recommended font Gigi. If the font for the links don’t look the same as on the font on the first (those are graphics), then you don’t have the Gigi font. Also, if you are still in the dark ages and are not using the Mozilla Firefox web browser, then download it and start having a truly enjoyable browsing experience.

This weekend we are taking a much needed break from the San Jose area and heading to the north bay area. We are looking forward to the Sonoma/Napa/Mendocino areas for a few days. We’ll post photos at a later date of the visit.

We saw the movie Elizabethtown this evening. We don’t think it’s as bad as the critics have said. We enjoy Cameron Crowe movies and liked watching it.